About us

Govisity travel blog was established back in 2018 with the aim to share travel experiences of three friends and to learn more about other countries and inspire us and others to travel more.

Yachting in Balaton, Hungary - short 4k cinematic film

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Since then we enjoyed quite a lot of hiking and history trips to the forests, castles and different cities.

Govisity friends

Govisity friends

Shortly about us

Julius Szabo

Since 2010 I have created a lot of travel-inspiring websites, have written countless travel articles and made a hundred thousand pictures and videos.

Govisity.com is the newest one, my other way to conquer the world! ­čÖé

I still have to go to work but my wish is to focus solely on travelling and travel blogs. I also have a Slovak travel blog tipnatrip.com.

Martin Pancurak

Since 2003 I started to go out and get to know other countries.

I tried to describe them with photos and videos to my friends, family and all the people.

Govisity.com is a way to share them out into the world! As we can’t be everywhere I think we have to share our travel experiences with each other!

Maroš Valluš

I always liked hiking and walking. As a small boy, I passed almost the whole High Tatras.

GoVisity gives me and all visitors here the opportunity to get to know other countries and places of interest and to plan a journey to them.