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Slovakia - Ukraine borders

VIDEO: Ukraine Slovakia borders

Short video from Ukraine Slovakia borders. Last year I didn’t find it interesting at all, almost useless… No barbed wire, no soldiers, border guards, policemen… Only some silent pillars that have been staring at each other all day… Today, however, the situation is completely different… It became one of the most important in the world…...

Rysy, Tatra mountains, Slovakia

VIDEO: Hiking trip to Rysy (2501m), Tatra National Park, Slovakia – relaxing piano – GoPro 7 cinematic

The hiking trip to Rysy (2501m), High Tatra National Park is one of the best I made! Trip starts in Strbske pleso and continues through Popradske pleso glacial lake, Malé and Veľké Žabie pleso Mengusovské glacial lakes. A mountain hut is on the way called Popradske pleso mountain hotel (1,494m) and just below the peak...