Excellent Eateries In Melbourne

Excellent Eateries In Melbourne

Australia is famous for many reasons; its unique scenery, its fascinating culture, and its truly wild wildlife encounters. Australian cuisine also draws in millions of visitors each year. We’re not talking about Outback Steakhouse – that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Local establishments and restaurants led by Michelin chefs permeate the Land Down Under. Each and every Australian city has dozens of great places to eat. These excellent eateries in Melbourne are some of our favorite establishments in Australia.

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Attica is one of those Michelin-star restaurants we described earlier. This restaurant is very straightforward, as a cursory glance at their restaurant will reveal. Attica likes to serve rare dishes alongside common, accessible street food.

It’s one of the only places where you can order a baked potato and the dish Finger Lime Creme Brulee under the same roof. Attica also has attitude; the music that’s played here is incredibly unique – just like every other aspect of this establishment. When a restaurant is named after a prison riot, you know they mean business.

Circa 900 Pizzeria Napoletana

Break out a map, or open a map app, and search for Italy. Now, choose Melbourne, Australia as the next destination you’d like to travel to. That’s quite a trip, right? Well, distance didn’t stop the Capparellas from bringing the Circa 900 to Melbourne.

Circa 900 Pizzeria Napoletana is a family-owned restaurant that specializes in Neapolitan pizzas. Marco Capparella spent his entire life honing his culinary skills. His passion for pizza is palpable – both literally and figuratively.

All pizzas served at Circa 900 are 12-inch pies with thick crust. Dishes are named after famous Italian landmarks or notable figures. The Vesuvio, for instance, consists of tomatoes, ham, salami, mushrooms, and peppers. Circa 900 has some of the best authentic Naples-style pizzas in town.


What you see isn’t always what you get. One might expect an establishment called “Cookie” to be some sort of bakery. Maybe even a pastry shop. Nope, Cookie is a Thai themed cocktail bar that serves more alcoholic beverages than sweets.

Cookie has two menus – a main menu and a banquet menu. Fried Egg, Crispy Pork Belly & Celery Salad is just one of the dishes on the main menu. The banquet menu has all sorts of DIY betel leaf bliss bomb dishes. For what it’s worth, there are a few dessert items.

Flower Drum

Cantonese cuisine offers a unique blend of flavors and spices unlike anything else on Earth. When you take a bite out of a serving of Cantonese Roasted Goose or a bowl of Beef Chow Fun, the taste is unmistakable.

Flower Drum is a fine dining restaurant that serves stellar Cantonese food. They have an a la carte menu, a lunch menu, and a dinner menu. Scallop Siu Mai and Pearl Meat are just a few of the items on offer.

burger patty

burger patty / Photo by Robin Stickel on Unsplash


When’s the last time you had a real burger? No, we’re not talking about the glorified bread sandwiches you can find at most fast-food restaurants. We’re talking about a tasty, weighty, unforgettable burger – the kind of thing Huextaburger specializes in.

Huxtaburger is the home of some truly creative dishes. Most of them have quirky names like Denise or even Cheesus, but the end result is the same; delicious burgers with quality you can taste. The Theo, for instance, has two beef patties, two cheese slices, bacon, chipotle bbq, and mayo.


It’s no surprise that seafood is extremely popular in Australia.When you’re surrounded by water in every direction, it’s sort of impossible not to develop a fondness for fish. This also extends to Japanese seafood, specifically sushi. That’s where Kazuki’s Restaurant comes in.

Chef Kazuki Tsuya brings flavors and recipes from Akita, Japan to Melbourne, Australia. French cuisine also heavily influences Kazuki’s. The menu always changes between Lunch options on Friday and Sunday and Dinner options from Wednesday to Saturday.

Lune Croissanterie

Lune Croissanterie would be insulted if you referred to it as a shop. As far as they are concerned, they’re giving patrons an out of this world experience – hence the restaurant’s space theme. A visit to their website will instantly leave a major impression.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. Lune Croissanterie offers a wide assortment of pastries that you can’t find anywhere else. The Morning Bun is a signature that includes brown sugar, cinnamon, and an orange filling. That’s just one of the tasty treats at Lune.


Spanish cuisine is incredibly popular in mainland Europe, largely because of geography. The opposite is true for Australia; finding a great Spanish restaurant in the Land Down Under can be difficult… unless you visit MoVida.

Chef Frank Camorra is the man who founded MoVida Original in 2003. Over the years, several other MoVida restaurants have opened in Australia. What’s on the menu? Tapas, postres, y raciones. That’s Spanish for small dishes, pastries, and entrees.

Napier Quarter

We love casual places just as much as upscale establishments. Napier Quarter merges those two experiences in a special way. Location plays a big part in Napier Quarter’s prestige; this wine bar is located in Fitzroy, one of Melbourne’s oldest neighborhoods.

Great drinks and awesome alcoholic beverages are Napier Quarter’s bread and butter. Guests can order their favorite expressos or their favorite wines. Simple decor adds to this establishment’s charm. The same goes for the produce you can order with your drink.

Very Good Falafel

Last but not least, we end this article with a relatively new establishment. Very Good Falafel was founded by Louisa Allan and Shuki Rosenboim in 2016. Word quickly spread about this humble restaurant and its amazing Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine.

True to its name, Very Good Falafel is famous for its pita-wrapped falafel sandwiches. There are also eggplant dishes and a whole lot of hummus on offer.


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