Author: Julius Szabo

Charles bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

30 Most Visited Countries in the World and their most visited places

30 Most Visited Countries in the World! There are many beautiful and interesting places in the world that you can visit for your next vacation. Some countries have a larger tourism industry than others, but just about all of them have something to offer. Every year, tens of millions of tourists leave their home country...

Florence sunset, Tuscany, Italy

The 35 Most Beautiful Cities in Italy and their Top Tourist Attractions

The 35 Most Beautiful Cities in Italy and their Top Tourist Attractions! There are many beautiful cities in Italy that you can visit, and it’s important that you take the time to look into some of them before planning your next trip. Each of these cities has something truly unique to offer when it comes...

Beach on Rabbit Island in Lampedusa, Sicily, Best Italy Beaches

The 20 Best Italy Beaches and top tourist attractions around them

Best Italy Beaches! Italy is known for many things, including its remarkably beautiful beaches. If you are planning to visit this country, you will need to know about some of the best beaches to visit. These gorgeous natural attractions will provide you with an idyllic place to relax and enjoy your trip. It’s almost impossible...