Author: Julius Szabo

České Budějovice, Places to Visit in the Czech Republic

32 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic and their top tourist attractions

32 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic along with their top tourist attractions! The Czech Republic is a very popular place to visit for romantic honeymoons, family vacations or solo international travellers who want a truly unique life experience. This country has more than its fair share of beautiful historic landmarks, theatres and...

Excellent Eateries In Melbourne

Excellent Eateries In Melbourne

Australia is famous for many reasons; its unique scenery, its fascinating culture, and its truly wild wildlife encounters. Australian cuisine also draws in millions of visitors each year. We’re not talking about Outback Steakhouse – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Local establishments and restaurants led by Michelin chefs permeate the Land Down Under....

Vidova gora, Brač island, Croatia

Things to do in Brač Island: A Croatian Gem in the Adriatic

Brač, an island in the sparkling Adriatic Sea, is a Croatian gem that beckons travelers with its natural beauty, historic sites, and a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. As the third-largest island in the Adriatic, Brač offers a diverse range of experiences, from pristine beaches and ancient villages to outdoor adventures and delectable local cuisine. Brač island...