Author: Julius Szabo

Eisriesenwelt Cave, Best Places to Visit in Austria

25 Best Places to Visit in Austria

Best Places to Visit in Austria! Austria has a beauty and charm all its own, and it has become very commonplace for people to travel on vacation. This country is the winter sports capital of the world, but there is an endless number of other tourist attractions for you to enjoy. If you want to...

Plan Your Travel budget when visiting Canada

How to Plan Your Travel Budget When Visiting Canada?

What’s the first thing that strikes your mind when you think of visiting Canada? Perhaps it might be maple syrup, pancakes, or ice hockey. Maybe you know some of the world-famous Canadian stars? Who hasn’t heard of such people as Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, and Michael Buble? Undoubtedly, Canada is a huge and wonderful country...

Istanbul, Turkey

How to Explore Istanbul in One Weekend

Cherishing cultural assets of both Asian & European sides, Turkey perfectly showcases the charm, beauty, and specialties of both continents. A trip to Turkey cannot be aced without leaving the footsteps on the streets and alleyways of Istanbul. The oriental stamp left by the Ottoman Empire on the area is reflected in the buildings of...