Author: Julius Szabo

České Budějovice, Places to Visit in the Czech Republic

30 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic and their top tourist attractions

30 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic along with their top tourist attractions! The Czech Republic is a very popular place to visit for romantic honeymoons, family vacations or solo international travellers who want a truly unique life experience. This country has more than its fair share of beautiful historic landmarks, theatres and...

Praia Dona Ana, Best Beaches in Portugal

Best Beaches in Portugal – 20 wonderful beaches you have to see!

Portugal has a number of different natural wonders that are worth visiting while you are here and especially beaches are what makes this country so popular among tourists and sea lovers. Here we have prepared a list of Best Beaches in Portugal with pictures and a map! Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches...

Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts, Best Beaches in the USA

Best Beaches in the USA – 15 of the Best beaches to visit in the USA

You will have no problem finding some incredible beaches in the United States, but it’s always good to learn about some of the best of them. There are certain areas of the country that have particularly beautiful places for swimming, snorkeling scuba diving, and much more. And here we have listed 15 of the Best...