Balloon Fiesta in Kosice, Slovakia – one of the best events in the country

Balloon Fiesta 2016 in Kosice, Slovakia

Kosice is known as being one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia. Visiting it is an adventure and wonderful experience itself, but visiting the city during one of the best events that occur here annually is the icing on the cake! And Balloon Fiesta – Hot air ballooning is definitely one of the events you should really go to!

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We look forward to seeing it every year as it is really unique and only such event in Slovakia. To be honest I only knew Capadoccia in Turkey as the other place with hot-air ballooning but I was searching for some other places around Europe and found a few more.

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia - 1

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia – 1

Balloon Fiesta in Kosice – 25. anniversary in 2018

The Balloon Fiesta in Kosice is a traditional event that has been repeated in the city 25 times already, every year in June since 1993. An event is several days long, usually starts with evening flight on Wednesday and ends with a morning flight on Saturday.

Balloon Fiesta 2015 in Kosice, Slovakia

Balloon Fiesta 2015 in Kosice, Slovakia

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia - 2

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia – 2

This year (2018) there was a picnic area with some activities for children, snack bars, an evening summer cinema and, of course, a balloon launch area. You could try walking through the balloon, admire classic cars, see balloonists passing the city centre, try an anchored balloon flight, enjoy night glow with fireworks and a lot more!

Unfortunately, this year’s Fiesta ended last Saturday but we can already look forward to enjoying it next year again. As always, Balloon Fiesta in Kosice will be a big event worth attending! See you there! ūüôā

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia - Walk-in the balloon

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia – Walk-in the balloon

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia - Balloonists passing through the city centre

Balloon Fiesta 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia – Balloonists passing through the city centre

What other events are held in Kosice?

Did you miss Balloon Fiesta? Don’t worry! It is not the only event held in Kosice, there are several others that should not be overlooked as well!

  1. KoŇ°ice City Day Celebration with Cassovia Retro – classic cars meeting and countless other events (end of April and beginning of May)
  2. KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon – oldest marathon in Europe – first Sunday in October
  3. Christmas Markets – December
  4. RuŇ°Ňąopar√°da – train parade for train lovers – April
  5. White Night – the light effects show

And if you still want to see some other places in Slovakia, check our article about Best places to visit in Slovakia.

Kosice, the second-largest city in Slovakia, is a charming and historic destination that offers a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy. With a rich history dating back over 800 years, the city boasts a plethora of well-preserved architectural gems, including the stunning St. Elisabeth Cathedral, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe. Its vibrant city center is adorned with lively cafes, restaurants, and cultural venues, making it a fantastic place to soak in the local atmosphere.

Visitors to Kosice can also explore unique museums, such as the East Slovak Museum and the Miklus Prison Museum, delving into the city’s fascinating past. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the thriving art scene, with various galleries showcasing contemporary and traditional Slovak works. Moreover, Kosice’s annual festivals, like the famous Kosice International Film Festival, attract visitors from all over, making it a cultural hub that promises something for everyone.

Overall, Kosice offers an authentic Slovakian experience, coupled with warm hospitality, making it an enticing destination for travelers seeking history, culture, and memorable experiences.

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