Author: Martin Pancurak

Plage de Palombaggia, Corse-du-Sud, Best Beaches in France

15 of the Best Beaches in France

Best Beaches in France! France is famous for its capital, rich history, rare art collections, historical and modern architecture. You will also find great beaches here in combination with crystal clear water and interesting nature. France is a country of castles, it would be a pitty not to stay in one! There are lots of...

Makarska, Best Beaches in Croatia

Best Beaches in Croatia and what to do around them

Best Beaches in Croatia and what to do around them! Croatia has a lot of incredibly beautiful areas to explore, and many of its beaches are frequented by people from all over. These beaches offer amazing scenery which will make for a truly memorable experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the best...

Cies Islands, Best Beaches in Spain

15 Best Beaches in Spain with pictures and map

If you want to visit Spain in the near future, there are tons of beautiful beaches to choose from. When you feel like relaxing in nature, you can depend on these idyllic locations. In this article, we will cover 15 of the very best beaches in the country. Spain is one of the most visited...