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Zelené Pleso, Tatra mountains, Slovakia

Tatra Mountains (Slovakia) – 19 best places to visit with pictures, maps, hotels

Tatra Mountains (High Tatras) in Slovakia – the best places to visit with pictures and maps! Slovakia is rich in natural attractions and nature is also country’s main treasure. There are 9 wonderful National Parks, mountains with peaks reaching 2600+ meters above sea level, lowlands, bears and wolfs living in the wild, waterfalls and wild...

Charles bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

30 Most Visited Countries in the World and their most visited places

30 Most Visited Countries in the World! There are many beautiful and interesting places in the world that you can visit for your next vacation. Some countries have a larger tourism industry than others, but just about all of them have something to offer. Every year, tens of millions of tourists leave their home country...