Author: Maros Vallus

Victoria Harbor & Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong

20 Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

20 Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong! Hong Kong is one of the most visited cities in the world because of everything there is to see and do here. The tall skyscrapers, excellent restaurants, casinos, shopping and other things have millions of people coming here every year for fun and excitement. If you want...

Zelené Pleso, Tatra mountains, Slovakia

Tatra Mountains (Slovakia) – 18 best places to visit with pictures and maps

Tatra Mountains (High Tatras) in Slovakia – the best places to visit with pictures and maps! Slovakia is rich in natural attractions and nature is also country’s main treasure. There are 9 wonderful National Parks, mountains with peaks reaching 2600+ meters above sea level, lowlands, bears and wolfs living in the wild, waterfalls and wild...

Welcoming of cranes Dolný Zemplín Slovakia - 2

Welcoming of cranes in Dolný Zemplín, Slovakia

Last weekend we went to Dolný Zemplín region in eastern Slovakia to welcome cranes on their way from south to the north. And it was really an awesome experience. It is an unforgettable observation of the culminating spring migration of birds in March and April on their significant rest stop during a long journey to...