5 Best Attractions to Try While Visiting Goa for the First Time

Goa, India

Goa is the land of seafood, all-night parties, sunny beaches, magnificent forts, lively nightlife, flea markets, and old temples. It can be an ideal place for a break from the chaotic Indian daily routine. We can safely say that it is the least Indian part of the whole country.

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It’s in Goa where you can try the excellent Ayurveda massage, practice some yoga, or take part in Indian cooking classes.

You can also go kayaking alongside the butterfly gulf. All of these attractions draw thousands of tourists. Goa is the ultimate travel destination where you can try a wide range of activities on land and water.

Most people experience that it can get a little staggering to decide what to visit and where to go after arriving at the chosen resort and unpacking. This article may help you a little as we’re going to describe a few top things to do in Goa.

Goa, India 3

Goa, India 3

Do travelers need a visa to visit Goa?

Before starting to prepare your India itinerary, you must know that it’s necessary to obtain an e-Visa before your trip. Citizens of dozen of countries can apply for this electronic permit to enter the country instead of going through the traditional embassy visa application process.

To get all essential information on the India e-Visa and the online application process, make sure to visit https://visas-india.com and submit your application at least 3 days before the planned trip! The approved document will be delivered to your email box in the form of a PDF file within a maximum of 72 hours.

If you’re a tourist planning to visit India, you should apply for e-Tourist Visa, which functions as a multiple-entry authorization. It is valid for 1 year from the issuance date, while a tourist can stay in India 90 days in total throughout the entire e-Visa validity period.

The e-Visa cost is 129 Euro for most countries, while nationals of Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, and Mozambique need to pay 149 Euro.

There are also two more types of India electronic visa: e-Business Visa and e-Medical Visa. However, when visiting for leisure, these won’t be necessary.

Keep on reading and get a useful list of places and activities you shouldn’t miss out on while visiting Goa.

Goa, India 2

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1. Relax on the magnificent beaches and try the exciting water sports

When thinking of Goa, the very thing that strikes your mind is undoubtedly the pristine beaches.

Probably the best activity in Goa is to explore its stunning seashores where you can enjoy water sports, sunbathing, picturesque evenings, dusk, and much more. The painted sky merging with turquoise blue water holds a breathtaking moment.

Time spent at the beach is never wasted!

Goa beaches can be divided into those stretching to the North and those extending to the South coast. North beaches are more crowded than those situated in the south.

You can book a night in a beach bungalow, get up early in the morning and watch the sunrise. While in the evening, you can observe fishers sailing for fishing. The views are spectacular, especially at night when waters of the Arabian Sea are teeming with ship lights.

The top beaches you should visit are Calangute, Vagator, Colva, Butterfly, Baga, Anjuna Beach, Candolim, Arambol, Sinquerim, Vagator, and Palolem.

2. Discover the mysteries of the Majestic Forts in Goa

Goa is also marked with several spectacular forts that epitomize magnificence, architectural gloriousness, and the area’s remarkable past.

The magnificent forts in Goa may offer incredible views of the surroundings. It may be a treat not only for history enthusiasts but for nature lovers too. The latter is most frequently attracted by excellent infrastructure and a wide range of sightseeing spots.

You should visit Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Corjuem Fort, and Reis Magos Fort in the North.

In turn, worth-visiting southern ports are Antonio, Mormugao Fort, and Cabo de Rama Fort.

3. Explore the World Heritage Sites in Goa

Goa also means a wonderful heritage and history. Its rich culture and heritage have given Goa many UNESCO world heritage sites. The colonial culture of Goa holds architectural grandeur and spiritual resplendence. The traces of Portugal colonizers, who spent nearly five centuries here, are ubiquitous. The landscape is full of white Portugal chapels hidden between banana and mango trees and rice paddies.

The UNESCO World Heritage sites in Goa are the Church of Saint Cajetan, Saint Catherine’s Chapel, Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Church of Saint Augustine.

4. Learn more about the numerous temples

It was already mentioned that Goa isn’t just about parties, beaches, and fun. How about

exploring the majestic temples and giving solace to your soul, then?

Goa has a few extraordinary temples that exemplify architectural grandeur, religious glory, and eternity.

The famous temples that you shouldn’t skip are Mangeshi Temple, Chandreshwar Bhootnath Temple, Mahadev Temple, Brahma Temple, and Saptakoteshwar Temple. The temples are usually open till 7 pm.

5. See the Dudhsagar Falls for an otherworldly experience!

Dudhsagar is a lovely waterfall encircled by some lush greenery. This four-tiered waterfall goes down a height of 1017 feet. The beauty of this waterfall can be particularly noticed when the monsoon hits. The water falls down with extreme power making for an incredible experience! Go on a hike and admire the beauty of the natural world!

Getting to Dudhsagar Falls is only possible during the dry season. Firstly, you can hire a jeep and go through tropical forests and rivers and then travel around half an hour on foot until you will see a spectacular view of the falling water. Around the rocks and trees, you can meet small monkeys bugging about food. What is the most impressive is the train passing halfway up the rock on a vast overpass.

Final Words

A vacation in Goa is all about relieving tension and enjoying it, isn’t it? That is why we ask you to leave all your anxieties behind and involve in thrilling activities. Live life to the fullest! Nothing can match the comfort of water sports, relaxing spas, and holistic healing on the beaches.

There’s no lying in saying that Goa is famous for beach parties and nightlife. The parties here are one-of-its-kind. You will not see this type of crowd and vibe in other parts of India. However, now you should also be aware of other attractions of this tourist region.

Fantastic shore, wonderful sea beaches, exciting water sports, and much more … Goa is calling you! Apply for your India e-Visa and prepare yourself for the Goa adventure!

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