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Synagogue at Zvonarska street, Kosice, Slovakia

Synagogue in Zvonárska street in Košice, Slovakia

Synagogue in Zvonárska street in Košice, Slovakia! Before WWII Košice was a city with a large Jewish community. More than 16% of all city residents were Jewish and they had a major impact on the city life. Several Synagogues were also built in the city and one of them is in Zvonárska street, right in...

Hájske waterfalls, Slovak Karst National Park, Slovakia - 02

Hájske waterfalls – amazing waterfalls in the Slovak Karst National Park

Hájske waterfalls are one of the most beautiful and easiest accessible waterfalls in Košice region, Slovakia. They are located between Háj and Hačava villages in the middle of Slovak Karst National Park. You can visit them in any season of the year, but perhaps the best time to visit them is in winter months when...

Lačnovský canyon, Lipovce, Prešov region, Slovakia - 03

Lačnovský canyon in Prešov region, Slovakia

Prešov region in Slovakia is a hilly region full of high mountains but also deep valleys and canyons. Lačnovský canyon is one of them, very popular among tourists and offers easy hiking trip. Lačnovský canyon is suitable even for families with kids, there are just a few but small ladders with no danger at all....