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Turquoise Bay, Best Beaches in Australia

Best Beaches in Australia – 15 of the best beaches to see in Australia

Australia has many beautiful beaches that attract millions of people each year. There are well over 10,000 of these natural wonders that you can explore when visiting this country. In this article we will go over the 15 best beaches Australia has to offer, so you will know what your options are before going there....

Balloon Fiesta 2016 in Kosice, Slovakia

Balloon Fiesta in Kosice, Slovakia – one of the best events in the country

Kosice is known as being one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia. Visiting it is an adventure and wonderful experience itself, but visiting the city during one of the best events that occur here annually is the icing on the cake! And Balloon Fiesta – Hot air ballooning is definitely one of the events...

Synagogue at Zvonarska street, Kosice, Slovakia

Synagogue in Zvonárska street in Košice, Slovakia

Synagogue in Zvonárska street in Košice, Slovakia! Before WWII Košice was a city with a large Jewish community. More than 16% of all city residents were Jewish and they had a major impact on the city life. Several Synagogues were also built in the city and one of them is in Zvonárska street, right in...