Folkmarská skala rock – amazing view in Kosice region, Slovakia

Folkmarská skala, Košice region, Slovakia - 5

Folkmarská skala is a rock and one of the most popular tourist destinations among hiking enthusiasts in Košice region, Slovakia. It is accessible within 2 hours from several places and the hike is not that demanding. Once you get on top of the rock you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views that one can enjoy in the whole region.

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Folkmarská skala (915 m) is situated in the Slovak Ore Mountains near the famous Kojšovská hola mountain, just above the village of Kojšov. It provides beautiful views of the surrounding area and in good weather conditions even of the High Tatras mountains.

Hiking tour to Folkmarská skala

Start: Kojšov village (roundtrip)
Follow YELLOW hiking trail from Kojšov to Folkmarská skala rock
Total time and lenght: 2:25 hours / 5,8km
GPS: 48.82902, 21.01027
Hiking map:

Folkmarská skala, Košice region, Slovakia
On the way to Folkmarská skala rock, we started up really early, it was dark yet.

What else to visit around Folkmarská skala?

One of the most beautiful places to visit nearby are rocks called Turniská. It is good to include them into one round hiking trip that starts and ends in the same village – Kojšov.

The rocks are hidden in the forest and you’ll find here amazing rock formation including a cave or rather a kind of gate. Furthermore, there are lots of trees growing on these rocks with uniquely twisted roots.

These rocks are situated in the steep terrain and the appropriate hiking shoes are really required here. Such a round trip is 8,3km long and it takes around 3,5 hours to complete.

Check this hiking map that includes mentioned Folkmarská skala rock as well as Turniská in one route:

Since it is a forested and mountainous region, there are lots of other hiking trails around which you can also try. Nearby Kojšovská hoľa mountain (1246m) offers amazing views into the whole surrounding.

During the perfect weather, you can even see the mountains in Romania. Kojšovská hoľa is one of the highest mountains in the area and there is also a cottage that offers accommodation and serves some meals.

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