The most beautiful city in the world

Venice - the most beautiful city in the world 2

What do you think is the most beautiful city in the world? I went through many articles with rankings about the top cities in the world, I saw a lot of lists, photos, and videos from the most beautiful destinations. And I compared them to what I saw and experienced during my own traveling and trips.

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End I ended up with the decision that the most beautiful city in the world is Venice in Italy. Only here one can see what nowhere else in the world. Venice is so unique, romantic, beautiful, and charming. No cars and no awful glass building would bother you here. Unchanged for centuries, perhaps only tourists are increasingly visiting the city, but who would not want to visit the most beautiful city in the world at least once in a lifetime? 🙂

No doubt why Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world!

Venice - the most beautiful city in the world 3

Venice – the most beautiful city in the world 3

The most beautiful city in the world – Venice

Compared to Rome, where one noisy scooter rides after another, Venice with its quiet gondolas is an oasis of peace. I haven’t been to Venice for 12 years now, hopefully, nothing has changed during that time and they stayed the way they used to.

The most beautiful city in the world consists of 118 islands, which are connected by an incredible number of bridges (about 400), and instead of roads, they use over 170 canals to move from one place to another.

The Venetian Lagoon, in which the city is set, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unfortunately, the town dives by 1-2 mm every year, so if you still want to see it in its full beauty, you should hurry up.

Venice - the most beautiful city in the world 4

Venice – the most beautiful city in the world 4

Gondolier – the best paid job in Venice

Venice is also known for its gondolas led by gondoliers. There are very few of them per year (approx. 4). Once this profession was inherited from father to son, today it is necessary to take a course where, in addition to controlling the gondola, it is also important to master Venetian history and its monuments. These permits are issued every year, but not more than 3 or 4.

Compared to the 16th century, when there were about 10,000 gondoliers, there are only about 400 of them today. However, each of them is said to be able to earn 10,000 EUR per month. And among them we can see the only woman, the daughter of a gondolier, who is the first and the only woman gondolier in the city.

Venice - the most beautiful city in the world 5

Venice – the most beautiful city in the world 5

The Venetians are leaving the city

One of the main attractions of these places (at least for me) is the atmosphere created by the locals. Unfortunately, the locals are leaving Venice, so this city will lose its atmosphere.

30 years ago there were 120,000 people living in Venice, today there are only about 55,000 of them. Locals are pushed by prices and tourism and the estimate is that by 2030 there will be no locals living in Venice anymore… only tourists… so sad…

Venice - the most beautiful city in the world 2

Venice – the most beautiful city in the world 2

A cruise ship is not allowed in Venice anymore

Venetians do not like large cruise ships for several understandable reasons… One of them is that large ships pollute water and air, spoil the city skyline and create waves that destroy the foundations of houses and the sea lagoon.

In addition, they bring 30,000 tourists a day to Venice, who do not spend much in the city, as they have usually ultra all-inclusive packages on the ship. Since 2019, such a large cruise ship is not allowed to enter Venice.

Venice, Italy 11

Venice, Italy 11

Aqua alta

High water floods occur regularly in Venice. Almost every year usually between November and January. It’s due to the big tides controlled by the moon or the waves that cause the wind.

Venice has therefore developed a protection system – a barrier that will be raised if necessary to prevent large amounts of water. In addition, locals have mobile applications and sirens that warn them in advance.

Venice, Italy 5

Venice, Italy 5

The narrowest streets in the world are in Venice

The most beautiful city in the world is also proud of the narrowest streets of the world. The narrowest one, Calle Varisco, is only 53 cm wide. Unfortunately, I did not visit this street, so I have to come back here again! 🙂 Or rather not, I would probably catch a claustrophobic panic attack there…

Google maps passed it so we can take a look without leaving our seats. 🙂

Bicycles, roller skates, skateboards are not allowed

In Venice, bicycles, roller skates, and skateboards are strictly forbidden, so don’t take any of them here. Although perhaps for a million views at Instagram it would be a challenge, in spite of the high fine risk…

The bike must not even be held in hand here… Maybe they are allowed only in the boats… 🙂

Venice, Italy 3

Venice, Italy 3

100m high Belfry of St. Mark from the 10th century is the newest landmark in the city

The famous bell tower of St. Mark can be found in the most famous place in the city – St. Mark’s square. The tower is 98.6m high and its construction began in 912. It was completed in the 12th century, but many fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and inappropriate reconstructions led to total collapse in 1902.

However, the Italians rebuilt it in almost the same way it was, just a little smarter. They even used one of the original bells (only one survived, the others had to be made up from scratch). Also, some material from the original tower was used again. This tower is thus one of the youngest monuments in the most beautiful city in the world.

Venice - the most beautiful city in the world 1

Venice – the most beautiful city in the world 1

Where to stay in Venice

We have found small and cheap camping in nearby Punta Sabbioni, from where it takes 30 minutes to get to San Marco square by Vaporetti (water bus).

Then there are lots of great hotels and apartments right in the city, so you only need to choose one that suits you best!

If you would like to learn more about other cities in Italy, read this: The 35 Most Beautiful Cities in Italy and their Top Tourist Attractions

Venice, Italy, is a mesmerizing city built on a series of islands, known for its romantic canals, stunning architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Explore the iconic St. Mark’s Square, surrounded by the magnificent St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, which offers a glimpse into the city’s historical grandeur. Take a gondola ride along the picturesque canals, passing under charming bridges and alongside elegant palazzos.

Visit the Rialto Bridge, the bustling Rialto Market, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection to experience the city’s artistic and commercial treasures. Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine at local trattorias, and wander through the narrow streets, discovering hidden gems at every turn. Venice’s unique beauty and timeless charm make it a dream destination for travelers seeking an enchanting experience in Italy.

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