80 Best places to visit in Slovakia! Travel ideas with pictures and maps

Kosice - Tatry, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Best places to visit in Slovakia – More wonderful places to visit in Slovakia

Cities and towns, castles and chateaux, national parks and caves… Above we listed just a few places that you may want to visit while exploring Slovakia. But there are a lot more places worth mentioning here!

79. Rocky town Dreveník – UNESCO

When you find yourself exploring amazing UNESCO Spiš castle (listed above) reserve some more time (1-2 hours) and take a hiking trip through a rocky town known here as Dreveník. It starts directly at the Spiš castle parking lot and takes you to amazing rocks located on the other side of the hill.

From that part of the hill, you’ll enjoy wonderful views of the Spiš castle as well as Branisko mountain range and the valleys. Furthermore, thanks to the uniqueness of the rocks, that resemble famous Meteora mountains, Dreveník belongs to the most important nature reserves in Slovakia! Check this hiking map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/3c4DW

Rocky town Drevenik, Nature reserve, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Rocky town Drevenik, Nature reserve, Best places to visit in Slovakia

80. Žehra – UNESCO

Žehra would probably not be so interesting for the tourists if an important church has not been built here back in the 13th century. Now, the church in Žehra village is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

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It is nice not only from the outside, but the real treasure is well hidden in its interior. Here you can admire the rare wall paintings from the 13th to the 15th century.

However, the church in Žehra is not open every day, before visiting it is good to contact the parish: http://zehra.fara.sk/my

Church in Zehra village, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Church in Zehra village, Best places to visit in Slovakia

81. Ruská Bystrá – UNESCO

Another small village in the far east of Slovakia, Ruská Bystrá became world known for its UNESCO wooden church. It was included with the other seven wooden churches of the Carpathian Mountain Area in the UNESCO World Heritage List back in 2008.

This wonderful wooden church was built in the early 18th century and its interior is designed in Baroque-Rococo style.

82. Morské Oko (Sea eye) with primeval beech forests around – UNESCO

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Slovakia is definitely Morské Oko (translated as Sea Eye). It is located in eastern Slovakia, in Vihorlatske vrchy mountain range.

Morske oko is a mountain lake ideally set within the UNESCO primaeval beech forests that can be seen all around!

Morské Oko, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Morské Oko, Best places to visit in Slovakia

83. Ružín water dam

Ružín Water Dam is one of the most beautiful water areas in Slovakia. It is surrounded by beautiful forests, hills and rocks. One of the best views of the water dam can be enjoyed from the Sivec hill (781 m above sea level) or from nearby Drienková skala hill.

Swimming here is possible only on your own risk, however, I wouldn’t recommend it because of water pollution. Unfortunately, the rivers that supply the water dam flow through numerous gipsy slams on their way, which are usually totally covered with rubbish and these rivers became a great way on how to get rid of waste.

But you can rent a boat or water bike and explore the corners of the water area, which are otherwise really beautiful.

Ružín water dam, Košice region, Slovakia

Ružín water dam, Košice region, Slovakia

84. Medical wellness Kúpele Štós – Štós Spa

Established already in 1881, Štós Spa (Kúpele Štós) has served to the countless visitors throughout the years. It is still functional, however, the old times can still be visible here and there. Set in a wonderful park with 200 rare species of trees and flowers this place belongs to the TOP places to visit in Eastern Slovakia.

A short walk around the resort certainly is something you simply have to try. Ponds, fountains, old trees, streams, lots of benches for relaxing, restaurant or wellness centre is a guarantee of a perfect day or even a week.

Kúpele Štós Spa - park

Kúpele Štós Spa – park

This list ended here, but will be enhanced soon as there are lots of other amazing places to go and visit in Slovakia! You can look forward to seeing more towns, castles but also some natural places here. So stay in touch!

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  1. Bartosz says:

    Oh wow! That’s really amazing job you have created. I didn’t realize there is so much cultural richness in the country nearby. Thanks for sharing your hardwork.

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    Slovakia is seldom being written about and I think it’s great to know that there are wonderful places to explore. Čičmany looks really charming with its painted wooden houses. And love that chateau in Bojnice! Great recommendations!

  3. Wow, have not come across such a comprehensive guide to Slovakia before. One of our local friends grew up there, so she has shown us photos of some of the natural landscapes near where she lives, but this is a great list to use as the basis to plan a tour of the country.

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