96 Best places to visit in Slovakia! Travel ideas with pictures and maps

Kosice - Tatry, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Best places to visit in Slovakia – More wonderful places to visit in Slovakia

Cities and towns, castles and chateaux, national parks and caves… Above we listed just a few places that you may want to visit while exploring Slovakia. But there are a lot more places worth mentioning here!

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81. Rocky town Dreveník – UNESCO

When you find yourself exploring amazing UNESCO Spiš castle (listed above) reserve some more time (1-2 hours) and take a hiking trip through a rocky town known here as Dreveník. It starts directly at the Spiš castle parking lot and takes you to amazing rocks located on the other side of the hill.

From that part of the hill, you’ll enjoy wonderful views of the Spiš castle as well as Branisko mountain range and the valleys. Furthermore, thanks to the uniqueness of the rocks, that resemble famous Meteora mountains, Dreveník belongs to the most important nature reserves in Slovakia! Check this hiking map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/3c4DW

Rocky town Drevenik, Nature reserve, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Rocky town Drevenik, Nature reserve, Best places to visit in Slovakia

82. Žehra – UNESCO

Žehra would probably not be so interesting for the tourists if an important church has not been built here back in the 13th century. Now, the church in Žehra village is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

It is nice not only from the outside, but the real treasure is well hidden in its interior. Here you can admire the rare wall paintings from the 13th to the 15th century.

However, the church in Žehra is not open every day, before visiting it is good to contact the parish: http://zehra.fara.sk/my

Church in Zehra village, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Church in Zehra village, Best places to visit in Slovakia

83. Ruská Bystrá – UNESCO

Another small village in the far east of Slovakia, Ruská Bystrá became world known for its UNESCO wooden church. It was included with the other seven wooden churches of the Carpathian Mountain Area in the UNESCO World Heritage List back in 2008.

This wonderful wooden church was built in the early 18th century and its interior is designed in Baroque-Rococo style.

84. Morské Oko (Sea eye) with primeval beech forests around – UNESCO

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Slovakia is definitely Morské Oko (translated as Sea Eye). It is located in eastern Slovakia, in Vihorlatske vrchy mountain range.

Morske oko is a mountain lake ideally set within the UNESCO primaeval beech forests that can be seen all around! You can take a walk around the lake, or go further to more remote places in the forests, such as Sninsky kamen rock. Hiking map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/fudemucano

Morské Oko, Best places to visit in Slovakia

Morské Oko, Best places to visit in Slovakia

85. Ružín water dam

Ružín Water Dam is one of the most beautiful water areas in Slovakia. It is surrounded by beautiful forests, hills and rocks. One of the best views of the water dam can be enjoyed from the Sivec hill (781 m above sea level) or from nearby Drienková skala hill.

Swimming here is possible only on your own risk, however, I wouldn’t recommend it because of water pollution. Unfortunately, the rivers that supply the water dam flow through numerous gipsy slams on their way, which are usually totally covered with rubbish and these rivers became a great way on how to get rid of waste.

But you can rent a boat or water bike and explore the corners of the water area, which are otherwise really beautiful.

Ružín water dam, Košice region, Slovakia

Ružín water dam, Košice region, Slovakia

86. Medical wellness Kúpele Štós – Štós Spa

Established already in 1881, Štós Spa (Kúpele Štós) has served to the countless visitors throughout the years. It is still functional, however, the old times can still be visible here and there. Set in a wonderful park with 200 rare species of trees and flowers this place belongs to the TOP places to visit in Eastern Slovakia.

A short walk around the resort certainly is something you simply have to try. Ponds, fountains, old trees, streams, lots of benches for relaxing, restaurant or wellness centre is a guarantee of a perfect day or even a week.

Kúpele Štós Spa - park

Kúpele Štós Spa – park

87. Izra mountain lake and Malá Izra swamp

In Slanské vrchy mountain range, you can find a living heart of this mountain – Izra mountain lake. It was created in the past by a landslide of a massive block of rocks and soil, which dammed the valley and created a natural dam.

The surroundings of Lake Izra is made by forests which are full of berries, mushrooms, blueberries, cranberries, wild strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and various medicinal and protected plants.

And not far from the lake, only 20-minute walk, you can find a real jungle. A swamp called Malá Izra is a protected nature reserve which really worth a visit. Check this hiking map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/honusepefe

Izra lake, Kosice region, Slovakia

Izra lake, Kosice region, Slovakia

Malá Izra swamp, Kosice region, Slovakia

Malá Izra swamp, Kosice region, Slovakia

88. Kojšovská hoľa mountain – 1.246m

Kojšovská hoľa mountain is one of the highest mountain peaks in Košice region in the eastern part of Slovakia. It is very popular among local tourists as it offers amazing views into the surroundings.

During ideal weather conditions, you can see mountains from Ukraine, Hungary, the High Tatras in Slovakia/Poland and a lot of other closer hills and mountains. Kojšovská hoľa is home to Chata Erika mountain hut with well-reconstructed accommodation facilities and restaurant offering delicious local meals.

E8 European Long Distance Walking Trail leading from Ireland to Turkey (4390 km) leads through Kojšovská hoľa so it is a good place for rest! There are several ways on how you can get to the top of this mountain, however the shortest and easiest way is from the closest village – Zlatá Idka – check this hiking map here: https://en.mapy.cz/s/caracupaja

A view of the High Tatras from Kojsovska hola, Kosice region, Slovakia

A view of the High Tatras from Kojsovska hola, Kosice region, Slovakia

89. Čergov mountain range

Čergov is a unique mountain range located in eastern Slovakia stretching between the cities of Bardejov and Prešov. There are several popular peaks with the highest one being Minčol (1157 m). The others are Veľká Javorina (1098 m), Bukový vrch (1010 m), Lysá (1068 m), Solisko (1056 m), Čergov (1050 m) and more.

The top of the mountain range is not forested and therefore you can enjoy wonderful views into the surroundings including High Tatras, mountains in Poland, Ukraine or Hungary. E8 and E3 European Long Distance Walking Trails lead through this mountain range as well. See this hiking map here and choose any trip you like. The most popular ones are Lysá and Minčol. https://mapy.cz/s/mopuzapeza

Lysa peak, Cergov mountain range, Eastern Slovakia

Lysa peak, Cergov mountain range, Eastern Slovakia

90. Ghost town Byšta kúpele

Byšta kúpele spa resort was once one of the most popular spa resorts in the area. Located at the foot of Slanske vrchy hills in the southern part of Kosice region, Byšta kúpele spa resort has been known since 1867 as a county bath for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and served to countless people over two centuries until it was closed and abandoned in 2004.

Find Bysta kupele in a map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/kotetozupe

91. Museum of the Kysuce village and the Historic Forest Railway in Vychylovka

Vychylovka is a part of the village Nová Bystrica, which you will find well hidden in the forests of Kysuce. Open-air Museum of the Kysuce Village is the main tourist attraction in the area. In addition to beautiful houses which are more than 100 years old, the museum also boasts a functional historic forest railway, which you can take a ride when visiting this open-air museum.

The Orava-Kysuce forest railway used to be up to 110 km long and was used to weigh wood. But you can learn this and a lot more when you visit this beautiful museum set in the even more beautiful nature of the Kysuce Protected Landscape Area. Map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/muhogoculu

Museum of the Kysuce village, Slovakia - 2

Museum of the Kysuce village, Slovakia – 2

92. Zemplínska šírava water dam

One of the top summer destinations in eastern Slovakia has been Zemplínska šírava water dam for years! However, it remembers better times, it still remained a wonderful place worth visiting.

Kaluža, Kamenec, Hôrka, Medvedia hora or Slnečný Lúč are its main holiday resorts boasting plenty of attractions, campsites, cottages to rent, and even 4-star hotels. You can take a ride on a tourist boat or visit the Thermal water park or other pools around. The surrounding is full of amazing places as well!

93. Vinianske jazero lake

When you find yourself in Zemplínska šírava, make sure to visit Vinianske jazero lake which is nearby! It is well hidden among the forests and hills of Vihorlat mountains with a few amazing hotels and campsite. Here, you’ll feel like being back in times of Dirty dancing!

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Vinianske jazero lake, Eastern Slovakia

Vinianske jazero lake, Eastern Slovakia

94. Tokaj wine region

If you like wine then you definitely must visit Tokaj wine region in the eastern part of the country. There are plenty of unique wine cellars here where you can try one of the best and most delicious Slovak wines! The most famous producers are Tokaj Macik Winery, Ostrozovic and Tokaj & Co.

Tokaj wine region includes several villages, while its the center is made up of Malá Tŕňa and Veľká Tŕňa villages. It’s a perfect region for cycling enthusiasts, too. Tokaj observation tower is one of the most popular attractions in this area. Find it on a map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/hucutofule

Tokaj Macik WInery, Tokaj Wine Region, Slovakia

Tokaj Macik WInery, Tokaj Wine Region, Slovakia

95. Latorica Protected Landscape area

The Latorica Protected Landscape Area was declared in 1990 on an area of 23,198 ha. It protects the area around Latorica river which features floodplain forests, wetlands and lakes and it is unique in Slovakia.

Some of its best places include Water adventure trail in Oborín, rope bridge crossing Latorica river and lots of water birds. You can find it here: https://mapy.cz/s/rezatobofa

Rope bridge in Latorica, Slovakia

Rope bridge in Latorica, Slovakia

96. Water adventure trail in Oborín

Until recently, Oborín was a small village with nothing to offer for tourists. This has changed a few years ago when a new adventure trail was built here over the dead arm of the river Laborec.

Water adventure trail is now a unique attraction that you will not find anywhere else in Slovakia. However, it is only 600 meters long, it is one of the biggest attractions in Kosice region which you need to visit! Map: https://en.mapy.cz/s/gegovegodu

Water adventure trail in Oborin, Slovakia

Water adventure trail in Oborin, Slovakia

This list ended here, but it will be enhanced soon as there are lots of other amazing places to go and visit in Slovakia! You can look forward to seeing more towns, castles but also some natural places here. So stay in touch! 🙂

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